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Neuropsychological services, including evaluation, therapy, and meditation

Services at a Glance

Individual Therapy


We provide individual therapy to children and adults.

Classes for Parents


Parents can attend 1-3 sessions to learn more about behavior modification and how they can develop a plan at home.

Meditation and Mindfulness


Meditation can significantlly help to improve focused attention and improve overal mental state.

Socialization Groups


Children can participate in socialzation groups to increase social awareness and social skills.

Neuropsychological Evaluation


Neuropsychological and psychological evaluations for children and adults.

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Pre-eclampsia Treatment/Support Group


We offer a weekly group to help women with pre-eclampsia learn more about how the mind and body interacts and how breathing excercises, meditation, yoga, and healthy eating can reduce or help prevent physical symptoms. This group also helps women share their stories, feelings, and thoughts with eachother for additional support.